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Suzhou Four Health Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.(4Health) founded in 2021, is a clinical stage integrated innovative precision radiopharmaceutical theranostic drug development enterprise based on China and facing the world. We are committed to early screening, intraoperative and postoperative diagnosis and molecular imaging, and also focused on “First-in-Class” or “Best-in-Class” precision oncology in the field of second-line and advanced stage of tumors therapeutic drugs development


The Four Health, inspired by the Analects of Confucius: “four limbs are not diligent and five grains are not divided, which means that Four Health of the four limbs is determined to forge ahead and send the voice of company innovation to the world. At the same time, “Four Health Pharmaceuticals” contains the meaning of physical health, which means that pharmaceutical enterprises escort human life and health.


We are determined to become a leader in the field of precision medicine and set an industry benchmark in transformation, research & development, quality standards and production technology.With this as our goal, we give full play to our creativity, take the initiative and innovate in our work.


We maintain an urgent attitude towards the goal, are result oriented, and are committed to finding the most suitable treatment for patients. Therefore, we strive to achieve every milestone to achieve the ultimate mission.


We know that this new field needs the joint efforts of many talented researchers, so we are willing to share standards and achievements to promote the industry.